We know child care costs a lot these days, and we want to make it worth every penny. Laurel Academy staff understand that this is an investment in your child’s future, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your child succeeds.

Infants 1 (6 weeks-10 months)                                        $377.00/week

Infant 2 (10-16 months)                                                   $377.00/week

Toddler 1 (16-24 months)                                                $335.00/week

Toddler 2 (24-30 months)                                                $335.00/week

Early Preschool (30 months-3.5 years)                            $322.00/week

Preschool  (3-4.5 years)                                                   $311.00/week

PreK (4-6 years, year before Kindergarten)                      $311.00/week

*. Please call or email to inquire about availability and daily part time rates.*

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