A day in the Infant room is full of wonder and curiosity. These little people are so excited to explore their world. Our expert staff will help the babies in their care learn all kinds of skills. Activities throughout the week include:

  • sensory – exploring themes using touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste
  • art – creating and exploring with paint, paper, crayons, and other art mediums
  • math – exposure to numbers, shapes, sorting, and counting
  • language – beginning early literacy by reading books, letter games, and finger plays
  • gross motor – learning how to crawl, walk, throw, kick, and other coordination skills
  • music – having fun listening to musical instruments, singing songs, and dancing

Children in Infant 1 are fed on demand, and nap when needed. Our teachers will assist parents in maintaining each child’s individual schedules and needs. Babies will have opportunities to participate in curriculum on their time.

Infant 2 begins the transition to more regular feeding times, when babies learn to eat solid foods and have regular nap times. Teachers will start taking opportunities for group play and engage in scheduled curriculum activities.

For more information on a day in the Infant classrooms, we’d love to give you a tour. Please schedule today.

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