The Preschool classrooms at Laurel Academy are full of activities and fun. Our preschool staff really engage their students in a wide range of subjects. We want children to gain a strong understanding of basic literacy, math, social/emotional, and gross motor skills, using various activities throughout the day that include:

  • language – activities involving rhyming, alliteration, syllables, letter sounds, letter identification, beginning sounds, and reading, reading, reading
  • pre-writing/fine motor – students strengthen their writing muscles by practicing grasping, pinching, squeezing, and more. They’ll begin to write their names, letters, numbers, and dictating their own stories
  • math – working on strong skills with counting, sorting, patterns, shapes, number recognition, quantity, non-standard measurement, and more
  • art – being introduced to a wide variety of art mediums, using art to practice fine motor skills, and expressing themselves through their art
  • science – learning about scientific phenomenon through observation, exploration, and sensory activities
  • gross motor – continuing to develop their coordination and motor skills by running, balancing, throwing, kicking, and movement
  • music – introduction to musical terms, listening and playing instruments, and singing and dancing to music

In Preschool 1, children will participate in daily group time, where teachers talk about letters, numbers, calendar, weather, and reading stories. Each day, students are engaged in activities that strengthen their knowledge of language, math concepts, art, and more. Staff encourage students to engage in social situations, use problem solving, and practice self-help skills.

Teachers in Preschool 2 focus on helping students master the skills needed for our exciting prekindergarten classroom. Every day has activities in language, math, art, science, social science, and many others. Staff use small group, large group, and one-on-one interactions to engage students in various activities.

For more information on a day in the Preschool classrooms, we’d love to give you a tour. Please schedule today.

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