The Toddler classrooms are busy, busy, busy. This is the age where children’s personalities really start to blossom. The amazing teachers in our toddler class assist the children in these rooms through a wide range of skills and activities. Activities throughout the day include:

  • language – early literacy skills through story telling, books, singing, rhyming, letter activities and games, and an introduction to letter sounds
  • math – early counting skills, sorting by shape and color, simple patterns, and introduction to shapes and numbers
  • art – introduction to the use of paint, scissors, glue, and more, to create works of art
  • science & sensory – using the 5 senses to explore scientific themes
  • gross motor – developing their skills with coordination by running, hopping, balancing, kicking, and throwing
  • fine motor – working on skills like grasping, pinching, stacking, and more
  • music – playing musical instruments, singing songs, and dancing to music

In Toddler 1 children develop a strong desire for independence, and teachers work hard to encourage that. Our staff want the kids to learn self-help skills, while engaging them in regular curriculum activities that expose their little minds to all the different things there are to learn about this world.

Toddler 2 starts to prepare students for preschool. Teachers are beginning to introduce students to the idea of small group play, and large group activities. We want to set the toddlers up for success in preschool and beyond.

For more information on a day in the Toddler classrooms, we’d love to give you a tour. Please schedule today.

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